3 Benefits of Equine Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

3 Benefits of Equine Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Help

When a person is going through an addiction and treatment is beginning to be considered, it can be difficult to know which recovery route to go. There are a plethora of different options, and understanding what the benefits of each type can be confusing. At Mending Fences, our therapy center offers a variety of treatments, one of those being equine therapy in Ocala. Equine therapy is essentially a healing path that involves horses. These intelligent animals can truly provide a special and magical effect on patients, allowing for genuine connection and a better understanding of emotional behavior. Here are 5 benefits to equine therapy and why we suggest it.


Horses are amazing animals with a remarkable ability to sense feelings, and words we don’t feel. When horses sense something, they react. This helps patients to be aware of their emotions and mindsets when interacting with these animals. An example would be that if a person is nervous, it might make the horse nervous as well. Whereas a person that approaches a horse fully confident, the horse responds similarly. This benefits patients because it allows them to act with their heart and less with their minds. When trying to analyze our behaviors, our bodies naturally can have a defensive barrier, which can place blame or make excuses.


A main issue we see in patients with addictive issues is that their relationships prior to therapy had not been the best. There are sometimes underlying emotions dealing with mistreatment, manipulation, lying, and even abuse. When working with horses, these memories are tested, as they are handling something bigger than they are. The upside of horses is that they are very honest with their emotions, and this can allow a flow of trust and connection between the patients and animals.


Drugs and alcohol are used to truly numb out emotions, which means that patients suffering from addiction may be severely unaware of their emotions and their motives. Horses are quiet creatures that speak mainly with their movements. This allows patients to understand those more emotional responses, helping them to then be more aware of their own.

At Mending Fences, we believe that there is so much to learn about ourselves through the non-verbal communication. After all, many of our motives as humans are incredibly internal and psychological, even personality based. Working with horses allows for the discovery of our true selves, shedding light onto the areas we’ve so long neglected. If you’re looking into recovery options and equine therapy sounds like the perfect match for you, we encourage you to call us. You might be one dial away from a brand new life.


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