3 Advantages of a Residential Treatment Facility in Ocala

3 Advantages of a Residential Treatment Facility in Ocala

There are many options when it comes to drug and alcohol treatment centers. Depending on your availability and commitment, you may decide to enroll in a residential program. You may also decide to participate in an outpatient program. However, at Mending Fences, we highly recommend a residential option, simply because of its many advantages. Our treatment center offers 9 two-person bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms and climate control. If you’re looking into a residential treatment facility in Ocala, we encourage you to call us. Allow us to tell you how we do things differently.

 A Residential Care Facility That Works for You

There are many benefits of residential treatment facilities. One of the biggest advantages is that the recovery process is much easier. When drug and alcohol addiction patients choose outpatient programs, they have a higher chance of relapsing, simply because there are more temptations in the way. By enrolling in a residential program, you’re given the safe environment to heal without distractions, old habits, unhealthy relationships, and more. This significantly improves the likelihood that the recovery process will be a success.

Another advantage is that you’ll be involved with amazing programs such as Equine Therapy. At Mending Fences, we chose a different treatment option for those who did not seem to fit in with the traditional path. By using horses as a form of healing, we’re not only healing our bodies, but we’re also healing the spirit, emotional traumas, and the mind. Horses provide an opening to a non-verbal communication lesson. By interacting with these large animals, patients are able to see how their unspoken actions make such a big difference.

The third advantage is that a residential treatment facility ensures that people who are going through a similar struggle will surround you. The support that comes from a community is empowering, and can help patients feel that they are not alone. When going through such a difficult time, it’s important to have a support system. At Mending Fences, our compassionate staff ensures that all of our patients are safe, cared for, and comfortable.

If you’ve been looking for a residential treatment facility in Ocala, Mending Fences may be the best place for you. With acres of beautiful scenery, horses to interact with, and a passionate team of professionals to help you heal, why choose anywhere else? We know that not all patients are the same, but we do know that healing doesn’t stop with just our bodies. If you’re ready to completely transform your life, call us today. Your new life is right around the corner.


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