5 Ways a Residential Treatment Facility Can Help You Achieve Sobriety in Ocala 

5 Ways a Residential Treatment Facility Can Help You Achieve Sobriety in Ocala 

We all have different struggles in our lives. Nobody goes through life without difficulties, and the struggles we face are all different. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction you can get help. Drug and alcohol addiction can bring you to a dark place and at times it can seem that you’ll never be able to overcome your addiction in Ocala. Visiting a residential treatment facility can help you get sober. At Mending Fences, LLC we offer many programs to help those battling addiction. Here are 5 ways our residential treatment facility can help you achieve sobriety:  

  • Individual Treatment- With our individual treatment program, you’ll be able to work with one of our caring treatment center counselors to help talk about the struggles you’re facing and how you can overcome them. Finding the reason you drink or use drugs is an important step to finding your recovery.  
  • Group Therapy and Support Groups- When you’re in a group setting you can listen to other people and the things they have gone through to help draw from their struggles. Other people have made the same mistakes you have with drug and alcohol use and it can be beneficial to learn how others are dealing with their recovery.  
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment- Our dual diagnosis treatment helps those who are struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health illness at the same time. Many times a mental health illness can lead to using drugs or drinking, which only compounds your problems. Getting dual diagnosis care will help you overcome all the issues you’re dealing with.  
  • Equine Therapy- At Mending Fences, LLC we are big believers in our equine therapy program. It can help in many different ways during your journey towards sobriety. Equine therapy can help those who are struggling with alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and mental health illness such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and more.  
  • Job Placement and Skills Training- Our residential treatment facility is not only focused on helping our patients achieve sobriety, but also delivering a better quality of life once you return home from treatment. If you’ve lost your job due to your addiction, we can help you find a new job for after you finish treatment. Our job placement and skills training programs are highly effective and will give you the resources you need to succeed.  

Drug and alcohol addiction can consume your thoughts and actions. If you don’t get help from a good residential treatment facility your life can quickly spiral out of control. At Mending Fences, LLC we have a caring staff and many programs that can help you get sober. To speak with one of our addiction specialists and begin your journey towards a full and healthy recovery, call Mending Fences, LLC today.  


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