Our Philosophy

At Mending Fences, we respect the autonomy of our clients. We recognize that no one can move towards a true process of recovery unless they have some desire to do so. We also recognize that the pull towards addiction is extremely powerful, so while the mind wants to strive towards a healthier life of abstinence, the body is craving “what it wants, when it wants it.”

The program at Mending Fences has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to provide all the tools you need to understand your addiction from both a biological and psychological perspective. We recognize addiction as a brain disease, but believe that understanding yourself and your relationship to others on a deeper level can help you develop a strong sense of self and appreciation of your strengths.

Our comprehensive program will provide the structure and sense of community one needs to build the emotional skill set necessary to live a healthier and more productive life. Your equine therapy partner as well as the rest of our talented human team of professionals are dedicated to helping you through the difficult and courageous process of recovery. We believe that treatment also needs to address what happens when you leave our doors.

Discharge planning will include our help in continuing the vocational training and/or career enhancement programs you began at Mending Fences. Our goal is to ensure that your chosen field is a good fit and will support rather than hinder your work towards recovery. Your stay with us also includes a year of phone monitoring to make sure you are following your treatment plan as we know that the pull off the path to sobriety can be daunting.


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