Deidra Lockhart, MA. CADC


With Mending Fences Since:
A couple of weeks

Been In The Industry:
11 years

Bachelors in Social Work; Masters in Human services CADC (Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor)

Why They Chose This Field:
Being in this field was a calling for me.

What They Enjoy Most About Their Position:
The clients and the location.

Favorite Things About Mending Fences Are:
The serene location and being exposed to horses again.

The Reason I Enjoy Working With The Clients At Mending Fences Is:
Everyone makes choices, we always hope clients to get it the first time; this is a good place to heal and learn.

If They Have One Story They Would Like To Share About An Experience Or Anything That Has To Do With Mending Fences It Would Be Great:
When I first started working at mending fences I knew very little about horses. The equine therapist Dr. Sokolov and the equine trainer Terri C. taught me how to approach a horse and how to handle the horses. Little did I know that a couple of weeks later I would use those same skills, as I was driving to work, to help bring a horse back to his ranch. The horse had managed to get out of the front gate to the ranch where he lived and was walking in the street. I was scared he was going to get hit by a car so I pulled my truck over and called the horse, guiding him back to the front gate until the neighbors came and called the owner. I’m a small woman and this horse was huge. Using those skills I was taught helped me to stay calm and help the horse not to see me as a threat, therefore trusting me in getting him to a safe place. It was an amazing experience I won’t ever forget!

If I could say one thing that would make people understand what an incredible program Mending Fences is it would be:
Learn, heal and love self they have one story they would like to share about an experience or anything that has to do with mending fences it would be great.


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