Jeanne Barker

(Gloria) Jeanne Barker, originally from South Bend, IN, but also resided in Falls Church, VA and now a ten-year Floridian. I have worked with Mending Fences since November of 2015. I have been a nurse for twenty-four years and a Director of Nursing for sixteen of those years. I have a BSN from Indiana University and a Masters in Adult Mental Health from Valparaiso University.

I have always wanted to be a nurse since High School. I chose mental health because these are the people that need the most help and are the neediest and most neglected by Society. My favorite thing about Mending Fences is the quiet, peaceful atmosphere. I enjoy working with the clients because the client stays here long enough to see success. The program at Mending Fences does not focus on the addiction as much as “why” the client is addicted. Mending Fences gets to the root of the problem with their excellent and highly credentialed staff.


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