Katarina Campagnola

Katarina was born in Malmoe Sweden, where she worked as a practicing psychotherapist and freelance writer. She moved with her husband Robert to Gainesville, Florida, in 2004. She has been with Mending Fences since its inception. Katarina is a Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist and Equine Specialist.

Katarina has been in the field of psychotherapy since the 1990’s and loves her work as a therapist. She has a natural inclination to assist troubled clients work through their personal challenges to uncover their greater potential. “I am most encouraged when I see my clients successfully regain their self-confidence and personal integrity.

The feeling I get when I have been instrumental in my client’s effort to stand on their own and start a new life is incomparable. I desire to make a positive difference in the lives of my clients. Therapy is an incremental process. Each forward step taken to clarify an issue and resolve a problem is a bit of a victory.”

Katarina’s favorite thing about Mending Fences is the horses. Because she is a long time horse lover and rider, she naturally enjoys her time with the horses at our facility. “The horses are wonderful therapists who have cared for me for years”, she says with a twinkle in her eye,” and I am very happy when my clients learn to appreciate their healing powers and love them as I do.”

“I enjoy working with clients at Mending Fences because it is a rapidly evolving, dynamic residential facility that maximizes the healing process. The dedicated staff in this natural country environment encourages the intense transformation required to establish substantial personal growth and change.”

“One of my favorite experiences here occurred on the evening when the clients and staff sat around a fire under the pecan trees in the garden. It felt magical. As we watched the full-moon rise in the east, one of the clients who was an addicthad a deep realization and said “Moments like this make me understand how great life is and inspire me to get much more serious about changing my life.”


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