Marcia Wheatley

I was born and raised in the Canal Zone, Panama. Both my grandfathers were there for the construction of the Panama Canal and my father was born there.

With Mending Fences Since:
1 year and 3 months

Been In The Industry:
I’ve been in Human Resources for 26 years

I graduated with a Bachelors in Business Administration from the Pennsylvania State University. I am certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources and a Society for Human Resources Management – Senior Certified Professional

Why They Chose This Field:
I was working for a trade college in southern California which had multiple campuses and about 400 employees. I saw a need and I created the job. I then proceeded to become trained

What They Enjoy Most About Their Position:
The people I work with are caring, dedicated and funny

Favorite Things About Mending Fences Are:
The people, the mission and of course, the beautiful scenery. I don’t get a chance to work with clients often unless they are interested in working on their resume and interviewing skills.

If They Have One Story They Would Like To Share About An Experience Or Anything That Has To Do With Mending Fences It Would Be Great.
When I started at Mending Fences in September of 2015, there were just three employees. We sat around Wendy’s desk with three laptops and proceeded to create the policies and procedures that would become the foundation of Mending Fences. Now, while I’m working alone in my office, I sometime think about our humble beginnings and I miss the interaction of working with two amazing ladies so closely.

If I could say one thing that would make people understand what an incredible program Mending Fences is it would be:
Where else could you go and get such a dedicated group of professionals who really care about helping the clients succeed?


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