Melissa Hart

Dunnellon, FL

With Mending Fences Since:
From Day One! LOL 1/4/2016

Been In The Industry:
2 1/2 years

Registered Nurse

Why They Chose This Field:
I chose to become a nurse because I felt like there needed to be changes in the way nursing care was provided. It only takes one person’s compassion and dedication to make a difference.

What They Enjoy Most About Their Position:
I truly enjoy interaction with people and having the ability to provide comfort and safety to our clients.

Favorite Things About Mending Fences Are:
Mending Fences is a place of solitude and beauty. Every morning the fields are painted by a beautiful sunrise.

The Reason I Enjoy Working With The Clients At Mending Fences Is:
I enjoy working with our clients because it gives me the opportunity to provide a comforting and supportive environment for clients to focus on their recovery.

If They Have One Story They Would Like To Share About An Experience Or Anything That Has To Do With Mending Fences It Would Be Great:
We spend many nights around a bonfire sharing stories and some nights we are lucky enough to have talented clients who can play instruments and sing. Those nights are always special to me.

If I could say one thing that would make people understand what an incredible program Mending Fences is it would be:
We strive to provide an environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to become free of their addiction and live a productive, meaningful life after their time with us.


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