Paul Mikel

Director Of Admissions

Paul began his career in marketing at the age of 22 and quickly realized that this was an industry he would love. He spent 10 years working with some of the most successful individuals to learn what they did to reach success in their chosen field. During the last 15 years he has become an expert in working with people to reach their full potential whether it be in business or their personal lives. He has created multiple companies that have been very successful but always wanted to do more to help people. A few years ago he was asked to help create and build an admissions department for a treatment facility. After helping build the department he knew this was an industry that he could really sink his teeth into because the people he was able to help were in a life or death situation.

Paul realizes that many people who call Mending Fences are at the bottom and have many times have had everyone and everything they love taken away because of the disease of addiction. Paul believes that just because someone is down it doesn’t mean they are out!

“I believe people are important no matter who or what they have done in the past. I believe if I can make someone laugh and feel good about themselves when they are at their lowest they will be able to see a small light at the end of the tunnel. I am a huge fan of Michael Irvin who was a Hall Of Fame Player from the Dallas Cowboys. The quote I always think about when I am helping our clients get the help they need is from his Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech.”

Look Up, Get Up, And Don’t Ever Give Up! – Michael Irvin


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