Scottie Collins


Scottie has a degree from the University of Northern Colorado where he was awarded the prestigious Riecher Scholar award. With a 20 year corporate executive management career Scottie crafted his business acumen with collaboration from top executives representing major corporations around the globe, focusing on overall performance and development nationwide. He joined the SAMH industry five years ago and partnered with business owners to create from inception two thriving and well respected Treatment organizations in Southern Florida.

While never wavering from his cemented ethics and integrity, Scottie grew a strong passion for raising the standards for ethical addiction treatment here in Florida and across the country. As a member of various task forces and coalitions, he has remained determined to build and provide the highest level of quality client care and client experience. Scottie’s vision for Mending Fences is for an all inclusive program for any demographic that seeks help. Mending Fences will provide the highest level of detailed and individualized clinical treatment in the Industry through the strongest and most compassionate team possible.

Our top equine program has helped so many individuals and Scottie was thrilled to see the positive effects it had on the clients. He works closely with the clinical team to strengthen the family dynamic as addiction is also a family disease while never losing focus on the suffering person. Our partners in the industry are all fighting for a goal.

Every individual that crosses our threshold deserves a life of long term sustainable sobriety through proper recovery and clinical care. It is our job to help them get there. Everyone struggling deserves a new freedom because they are worth it.


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