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Thank you for your interest in the Mending Fences Residential Treatment Program! Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one, becoming informed about treatment options is the most important first step. Our mission is to help each of our guests learn to live a happy and fulfilling life free from the bonds of addiction. We believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction. Below are some commonly asked questions about Residential Treatment and our program at Mending Fences to help you get started.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Mending Fences is a Residential Treatment Facility which means that you live on campus in our newly built dorm while receiving treatment. Care is provided 24 hours per day. All treatment at Mending Fences is voluntary.

Why Do I Need Residential Treatment?

Residential Treatment is beneficial for those who need more help and intensive therapy that outpatient services can provide. Several of the most commonly cited reasons people choose residential treatment are:

  1. outpatient care has not worked in the past
  2. lack of a safe or supportive place to enter recovery
  3. co-occurring psychiatric diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, other mood disorders, or personality disorders,
  4. serious physical illness as a result of addiction that means you cannot risk relapse.
How Long Do I Stay?

The average length of stay is estimated to be 45 days but varies greatly by person. You will participate in the development of a treatment plan and will have an active voice in all treatment you receive.

What Happens Once I Am Finished?

Mending Fences offers a Partial Hospitalization Program as well as Intensive Outpatient Programming for clients that wish to continue treatment with us. Clinical staff can also provide referrals to outside providers and set you up with appointments prior to your leaving here should you choose to receive treatment elsewhere. Clients always have a say in what level of treatment they are receiving and from whom. All clients will receive year-long follow up from an outside provider in order to help you stay on your path to recovery.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like?

Clients will attend programming every day. You will see your therapist two times per week, participate in equine therapy one time per week, participate in an equine activity every day and attend therapeutic, psychoeducational and skills building groups everyday. You will be part of a specialized multi-disciplinary team including a psychiatrist, therapist, equine therapist, nurse, and recreational/art/music therapist.

Can I Have Visitors?

In order to not interrupt treatment, we have scheduled visiting hours Monday – Friday 7:45pm-8:45pm and Weekends and Holidays from 2:30pm-3:20pm and 7:30pm-8:30pm. All visits are coordinated with your therapist for your benefit.

Can I Use The Phone?

Yes. There are phones available to be shared by all clients during free times. For calls outside of the Continental United States, please bring a phone card with you

Will My Family Be Involved In Treatment?

Family sessions can be very beneficial to your treatment, so we strongly recommend that you involve your family in your treatment here. You and your therapist will decide when the time is right and your therapist will be there to support you.

Am I Allowed To Smoke?

No smoking is permitted indoors, but you will be able to have scheduled time to smoke in designated areas.

Do I Have To Take Medications?

You will meet regularly with your psychiatrist and determine what is right for you. All treatment is voluntary at Mending Fences and you will have an opportunity to voice your thoughts and concerns at regularly scheduled treatment team meetings.

Who Do I Talk To About More Information?

Our Director of Admissions is Megan Atwater and she can be reached at 1-844-400- MEND (6363) or by email at [email protected]

Drug Policy

Mending Fences is a Residential Treatment Program designed to help individuals experiencing an addiction recover in the healthiest environment possible and thus we have a NO INTOXICANT POLICY. We will not tolerate an individual who is under the influence to be present around other clients. This includes clients as well as their visitors. Clients who are suspected to be under the influence while at Mending Fences will be addressed individually and the treatment team will decide what is the most appropriate course of action. All individuals under the influence will be evaluated with their safety as well as the safety of other clients and staff as the top priority. Random Drug Tests will be done throughout your stay at Mending Fences.

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