How Can I Benefit from Equine Therapy in Ocala?

How Can I Benefit from Equine Therapy in Ocala?

To treat an individual with an addiction, there must be a therapy that can stimulate the entire body to take the place of the drug or substance. Riding a horse has a lot of benefits to it and is easy for anyone to get into. Equine Therapy in Ocala helps the individual build habits that can lead the individual to a positive future. Leaving substance abuse in the past is easy at Mending Fences.

Does Equine Therapy Help?


Our equine therapy helps in many ways:

  • Physically: the client will be able to improve their overall health. Riding a horse is beneficial to muscle tone, motor coordination, balance, pelvis, and shoulders. This will build the body up instead of tearing it down life drugs do.
  • Psychologically: the client will; grow in their overall wellbeing, self-esteem, and self-confidence. The feelings that made our client rely on drugs in the first place will be reduced with the activity and improved moods while riding bikes.
  • Mentally: The client will be able to keep attention longer and concentrate on their studies or while they are at work. Being able to think clearly without the interruption of drugs is important to getting through a successful day.
  • Socially: the client will become aware of their surroundings and have a better attitude towards life. This will allow them to be more approachable and respectful to others.

If you are interested in learning more benefits of equine therapy in Ocala, call us at (888) 231-3844. One of our addiction specialists will be able to guide you through all the information you need. However, the faster you call us, the more we can help you! Don’t hesitate!


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