How Can Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ocala Help Me?

How Can Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ocala Help Me?

If you or a loved one is having a problem with addiction, we are here to help at Mending Fences Residential Treatment Center. Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ocala is a great option for anyone who is ready to put their addiction in the past and plan for a successful and positive future. We know everyone is different, so we have a variety of treatment plans that can be customized for every client that is enrolled. Our programs include the following:

  • Residential: with ultimate safety and comfort, we provide our clients with the ability to leave their current environment and clear their mind. Many times, triggers lie in a person or a place. By removing the individual, we can help them get to the place they need to be.
  • Dual Diagnosis: We can help determine if there is a mental disorder associated with your drug and alcohol addiction. By diagnosing this problem, we have a better chance of treating the addiction and the individual.
  • Equine Therapy: By using horses and utilizing the bond that people and horses share, we can help our clients learn more about themselves and other. We also get a better idea of who our client is and how we can help them.
  • Specialty Programs: There is not a single individual who has not experienced the thought of resorting to drugs. That is why we provide these specialty treatments to help different people deal with their specific addictions.
  • Skills Training: while ridding the toxins in our clients past, we can help them plan for a brighter future. We provide vocational assessments and trainings to help them grow. With the proper tools, we think anyone can do anything
  • Job Placement: For our guests who have lost their job due to their addiction, we can help them grow into a better person with a career they enjoy

It is possible for each client to receive different variations of each program and more than one programs combined. If you are interested in enrolling in our drug and alcohol treatment in Ocala, we are here to help. Call us at (888) 231-3844 to speak directly to our addiction specialists in Ocala.


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