How can Equine Therapy help me overcome addiction in Ocala? 

How can Equine Therapy help me overcome addiction in Ocala? 

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol getting treatment is an important part of recovery. Many addicts are unwilling to admit they have a problem and seek treatment, and until they do they won’t be able to get the help they truly need. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol addiction it takes courage to seek help for your addiction. Finding the strength to admit you have a problem is the first step on your road to recovery. At Mending Fences, we offer many treatment plans, including equine therapy, to help those with addiction. Equine therapy is an integral part of our treatment and we believe it can provide our patients with the care they need to assist them during recovery.

How does equine therapy help?

We all have different challenges that we go through in life. For those struggling with addiction, there are many treatment paths you can take. Finding the right treatment option for you and your addiction is very important. At Mending Fences our treatment center counselors will work with you to help you find the best treatment plan for you. Each addiction and individual is different. Equine therapy is one of the treatment plans we offer at Mending Fences. Some of the ways equine therapy can help our patients includes:

  • Provides personal responsibility
  • Helps you learn more about yourself
  • Removes barriers
  • Solidify your sobriety

Equine therapy is one part of the treatment we offer at Mending Fences. We also offer individual therapy, group therapy, clinical care and more. When addiction is controlling your life it’s time to take back control and seek help. You don’t have to struggle with drug and alcohol addiction any longer, the help you need is only a phone call away. Our professionals at Mending Fences are here to help you.

Equine therapy is one of many addiction treatment programs we offer at Mending Fences. We know that addiction is a serious disease that many people struggle with. Our professionals at Mending Fences have experience helping those who struggle with addiction and we want to help you overcome your addiction. Struggling with drug and alcohol addiction can ruin your life. You don’t have to allow your addiction to control your thoughts and actions any longer. Get the help you need by calling our recovery helpline at Mending Fences today.


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