How can Equine Therapy Help Supplement Addiction Treatment in Ocala?

How can Equine Therapy Help Supplement Addiction Treatment in Ocala?

For many who suffer from addiction the choice to use a substance; in fact, no longer becomes a choice as much as it becomes a means for survival. When an individual is addicted to a substance, very specific neurological and chemical changes occur in the brain and throughout the body that can physically make one dependent on the substance. When this level of dependency is reached, the moment one stops taking the substance they will begin to experience painful negative effects of withdraw. At Mending Fences, we offer professional drug and alcohol treatment options to help those suffering from addiction or currently going through withdrawals. We offer a variety of addiction treatment options such as residential programs, intensive outpatient programs, and much more! For those going through one of our drug treatment programs in Ocala, Mending Fences also offers a unique Equine Therapy program that offers a range of advantages.

Benefits of Equine Therapy for Addiction

  1. Physical
    Substance abuse and addiction can cause not only cognitive issues, but also physical issues as well. One of the many advantages of equine therapy is that is has tremendous physical benefits, such as improving motor coordination, muscle tone, and movement.
  2. Low-Stress Social Interactions
    Patients who struggle with social interactions can benefit from equine therapy as it provides a low-stress environment that helps to foster healthy and successful relationships, as well as promotes the development of responsibility and respect.
  3. Cognitive Improvements
    Studies have shown that benefits of therapeutic riding include the enhancement of memory, concentration, as well as increases focus and attention.
  4. Improve Self-Esteem
    Many patients say the fact that horses reactions are based off human emotions and behavior, rather than their physical appearance or past actions. This helps promotes self-esteem and build confidence through equine therapy.

Why Choose the Best Addiction Treatment Center in Ocala?

Addiction is defined as a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance characterized by tolerance, where persistent compulsive use of a substance continue despite the fact of its potential harm is known. Addiction, whether it be alcohol, prescription medication or illegal drugs, is a disease that can end up controlling your life. As of today, over 20 million Americans suffer from addiction. Don’t let you or your loved one be one of them, contact Mending Fences and get the best drug and alcohol treatment Ocala has to offer. Don’t wait any longer for help, call Mending Fences today at (352) 528-1300.


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