Can Equine Therapy Help Me?

Can Equine Therapy Help Me?

Drug and alcohol addition is never easy. If you or your loved one has recently decided to take the next steps, we congratulate you, as we know this is also difficult. There are many choices out there as far as recovery. How do you know which treatment will be the best for you? At Mending Fences, we can’t assure you that we’ll be your best fit, but if you love horses, you may be interested in our Equine Therapy in Ocala. These precious animals are incredibly responsive to the non-verbal actions of humans, making them wonderful teachers.

What is Equine Therapy?

As mentioned, these large animals are incredible at picking up non-verbal cues. In fact, that’s the only way they interact with humans. Many people have heard the advice that a horse can sense when you’re scared and when you’re comfortable, and they will mirror your behavior. This teaches our patients about their silent behavioral patterns. This gives them a clearer insight into their subtle, subconscious actions.

Horses are also not shy about treating you as you’ve treated them. This differs from human relationships. Horses are honest about how they feel, whereas humans have the ability to build walls, filter feelings, and hide reactions. Naturally, many of our patients have relationships that have suffered due to their addictions. By communicating honestly with these animals, they are then easier able to see how their subconscious actions may greatly affect their loved ones as well.

Equine Therapy teaches patients how to better communicate with each other, loved ones, and the rest of society. Mixed with other group and individual therapy sessions, our patients come out of rehab with a new sense of how to speak, express, and reflect. Drugs and alcohol can greatly affect our relationships, but through genuine communication, there is a chance to rebuild all that has been lost.

At Mending Fences, we’ve created a program that has had outstanding results. When you’re new to rehab facilities, it can be daunting to talk day after day with strangers about some of the most vulnerable issues in our lives. That’s why many addiction patients prefer Equine Therapy, as they feel more accepted, and less pressured. If you’re curious about Equine Therapy in Ocala, please call us today. Traditional treatment programs aren’t built for everyone. Today is the day you choose a treatment path that works.


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