Find Compassionate PTSD Treatment in Ocala

Find Compassionate PTSD Treatment in Ocala

Nearly 23 million individuals are seeking drug and alcohol help, rehab, and treatment centers. At Mending Fences, we know that each and every alcoholic or drug addict is different, and therefore respond differently to various types of treatments. With 400 acres of serenity and horses, Mending Fences offers an alternative to the typical addiction treatment options. Those suffering from PTSD especially can find help from our treatment options.

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You may be wondering what humans and horses have in common. Those who have been victims of substance abuse can sometimes suffer from PTSD, or post traumatic stress. Those who suffer from PTSD live in a constant state called hyper-vigilance, and can feel uneasy and threatened all throughout the day. Horses also have this type of behavior. By working together, they learn how to interact with each other through actions and emotions. Actions and emotions are generally subconscious, however horses respond to even the slightest shift in a person’s attitude or energy. This allows patients to understand how they are acting and how it then affects those around them.

As mentioned, many of the emotions we feel as humans can be subconscious. Working with horses helps these individuals understand their subconscious processes better. Seeing a horse react can then help then identify and question where those emotions came from, allowing them to be more conscious of their feelings. Horses also are not capable of having an ulterior motive, which means that the defensiveness people experience with another person is taken out of the equation.

There are many other benefits that can help those suffering from PTSD in Ocala. By understanding actions and emotions, it then helps patients communicate better with the outside world, especially in non-verbal communication. Working with these large animals helps teach the individual to trust, especially if they’ve felt that their ability to trust has been taken from them. Even though these animals are bigger and stronger, friendships can flourish between the two species. This also helps build self-confidence. Through taking care of an animal, being responded to with love, and working with others, it gives patients the sensation that they can finish their projects, live an experience joyfully, and be accepted in the process.

There are many other benefits to equine therapy, especially for those who have unfortunately acquired PTSD along the way. At Mending Fences, we know how difficult it can be to decide to take the recovering journey, and we also know that understanding the motives of our emotions can truly help us live a better life. If you’ve decided to look into alcohol or drug abuse therapy, Mending Fences may be your haven to recover. Call us today to see how we can help you get started on the path to a new life.


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