Complete Healing in Addiction Treatment in Ocala

Complete Healing in Addiction Treatment in Ocala

What does complete healing mean in regards to addiction treatment in Ocala? For many, it means becoming sober, for others, it may be overcoming mental illnesses. For Mending Fences, it means a complete transformation of mind, body, and soul. Addiction works to destroy a person’s psychological state, a person’s health, and person’s sense of self-worth. At Mending Fences, we’re striving to repair what addiction has stripped away.

How Does Addiction Treatment in Ocala Achieve Complete Healing?

First and foremost, addicted individuals pursue an addiction treatment center to heal the substance abuse, often not realizing that substance abuse is more than what it seems. The complex nature of addiction means recovering the body of the damage drugs can cause, while simultaneously healing the mind from craving the drug of choice. This process can be very difficult and is extremely hard to do alone. Therefore, having a team of medical professionals by one’s side can help to alleviate the pain and stress that comes from the first few days of withdraws.

At Mending Fences, we offer a series of programs for the essential parts of what makes us human: mind, body, and soul. Mentally, we work to help patients change the way they view the world, themselves, their situation, and addiction. We also help to treat any mental illnesses that have either occurred because of drug use or lead them to drug use. Through psychological assessments, medication management, trauma therapy, and self-worth therapy, patients are given multiple avenues to express their inner thoughts and work through mental debris and blockages. Additionally, we work with horses to uncover subconscious thought patterns and behaviors. Horses respond to energy and emotions, making them wonderful mirrors and reminders that even our smallest shifts in feelings affect others and our environment.

Programs and therapies such as adventure-based therapy, yoga, health and wellness programs, self-worth therapy, holistic therapy, horticulture therapy, family therapy, and more help heal the body and soul. Our expert psychologists and medical staff work towards total healing, like addiction, affects all areas of our lives. At Mending Fences, we know how difficult it can be to overcome drug addiction, but with a unique approach to addiction treatment in Ocala, our patients can honestly express themselves, learn about themselves, and begin to heal themselves. If you’re struggling with addiction, but aren’t sure where to turn, reach out to our twenty-four-hour helpline at (888) 231 – 3844 and join the Mending Fences community today.


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