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There are over 23 million Americans struggling with drug abuse, and the problem is only worsening. Opioids, alcohol, street drugs and many other harmful substances are derailing people’s lives each and every day. At Mending Fences, LLC, we know there’s a better way. With the help of dedicated drug rehab centers in Ocala, you can change your story. We offer a unique approach to treatment that helps nurture growth and transformation. Help is waiting.

Which drug rehab centers in Ocala offer the treatment I need?

At Mending Fences, LLC, our mission is to offer the help each guest needs to change their lives. Breaking free from the bonds of addiction and co-occurring disorders is not a journey you have to take alone. We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment that can include:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Equine Therapy
  • Skills Training
  • Abuse/Trauma Survivor Treatment
  • Veteran Mental Health Care
  • Jobs Placement Assistance
  • & More

With these and many other approaches to treatment, our drug rehab center in Ocala can provide true healing. For our treatment professionals, you care is about a full scope of supportive services. It’s about nurturing and educating each guest, giving them the unique tools they need to build their future of sobriety.

Is treatment hard?

Fear is a powerful thing, and all too often, our fears hold us back from the changes we need. Are you fearful of how detox, treatment or therapy may work? At Mending Fences, LLC, we know how you feel. And we’re here to help.

Treatment can present challenges at times, but when you’re connected to our supportive community of treatment professionals, guests and equine guides, you’re well on your way to overcoming your fears. When fear is in control, nobody wins. But, when love is in control, you can do anything. You can connect with a supportive and empowering community that helps you practice self-love and growth by working with our team at Mending Fences, LLC.

Can Mending Fences, LLC treat my addictions?

There are many drug rehab centers in Ocala, but few treat all of the challenges we’re proud to address at Mending Fences, LLC. We can address addiction, alcoholism, co-occurring disorders and many mental health needs. Your struggles may have you feeling lost and even alone, but this isn’t the case. Come and see how we’re changing lives at Mending Fences, LLC. We’re here to help you heal.

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Who are you seeking treatment for?

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