Why Drug Rehab Facilities in Ocala are Better Than Jail

Why Drug Rehab Facilities in Ocala are Better Than Jail

The vast rural horse farms that are sprinkled across central Florida are some of the most sought-after locations when it comes to drug rehab facilities in Ocala. The lovely cool breezes, inviting sunshine, and cloudless skies provide an environment that is begging for rejuvenation and peace. However, many individuals caught using or possessing drugs do not always have the opportunity to reach out to a rehab facility. Instead, they are incarcerated. Is there a significant difference between those who are imprisoned and those who receive professional, caring help?

Drug Rehab Facilities in Ocala vs Prison Time

Drug arrests are up six percent in just one year’s time, translating into over one million drug-related arrests. In terms of sheer numbers, this means a drug arrest is made every twenty seconds in America! These numbers include only continue to rise as the opioid epidemic sweeps across the United States. However, is anyone doing addicts a favor by putting them in jail? Many experts on drugs and alcohol addiction say, maybe not.

The difference between a drug rehab facility and prison is that the level of care and attention to personal needs are non-existent. Instead, prisoners are forced to go through withdraws alone, without the help of a medical professional by their side. Additionally, prison only alienates addicts further, never teaching them how to re-establish their relationships, find joy in human connection, nor does prison teach the essential life skills that many addicts lose throughout the years of heavy substance abuse.

At Mending Fences, we help transform lives with compassion and care. Not only do we handle the addiction, but we also manage the mental issues that can often come with substance abuse. We believe that drug-addicted individuals deserve to feel a sense of self-worth and purpose, which cannot be found inside a prison cell. At Mending Fences, we also help with job placement, working to ensure that our patients have the tools they need to face the world as a newly sober and vibrant individual. Therefore, drug rehab facilities in Ocala are a much better option than prison, allowing for one less incarceration statistic and one more joyous life.


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