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There are far too many misconceptions surrounding drugs and drug treatment. At Mending Fences, LLC, we know that drugs aren’t a good time. These substances are far more harmful and controlling than many people realize. But, with the help of our drug treatment program in Ocala, you can break free. Getting help starts by finding the guidance that can start you along the road to recovery.

Which drug treatment programs in Ocala can help me?

Everybody struggling with substance abuse has different challenges in their lives. For some people, mental health disorders play into drug and alcohol problems. There are many factors that paly into drug and alcohol addiction, and it’s important to find a drug treatment program in Ocala that can help address all of your struggles. At Mending Fences, LLC, we offer the comprehensive treatment you need to grow forward from your struggles. Our Ocala drug treatment program includes approaches such as:

  • Group Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Exercise & Activities
  • Jobs Training
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment
  • Skills Training
  • & Much More

At Mending Fences, LLC, we take a personalized approach to your treatment. We’ll work to connect you with the therapies and treatments that are your very best fit. Typically, we pursue therapies that combine mental, emotional and medical care. With a multifaceted approach to treatment, you’ll get the resources you need to find sobriety.

We believe that treatment is about giving you the tools you need to recover. It’s about empowering your success through therapies that help to reestablish confidence, self-care and self-love. You are worth so much more than your struggles, and you deserve the brightest future.

Our professionals can treat many different substance abuse struggles, including alcoholism, drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. We’re focused on helping people from all walks of live, giving each individual the personalized care they need for a bright future.

How can I get started?

Getting sober starts with getting help. After all, the journey to recovery isn’t one you should take alone. Drugs and alcohol can be challenging to face, and breaking free from the controls of your struggles starts by connecting with our drug treatment program in Ocala. At Mending Fences, LLC, we believe in your sobriety and we’re here to help you find your success. Call our admissions counselors today at (888) 231-3844 to get started.

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Who are you seeking treatment for?

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