How Does Equine Therapy Combine with Drug Treatment in Ocala?

Many people wonder about the benefits of working with animals to achieve sobriety, yet, at Mending Fences, we’ve seen these gentle giants completely transform lives. Drug treatment in Ocala is complicated and can range in levels. However, horses always seem to give hope, peace, and tranquility even during the most frustrating of recoveries.

Why Horses As A Drug Treatment In Ocala?

Horses offer a way of communicating that people cannot. Unbiased, silent listeners and speakers, these animals can teach patients a thing or two about their silent verbal cues. Horses are reactive creatures, mirroring their environment. If a person is afraid of a horse, the horse can sense this emotion, and act skittish in return. If a person is quite comfortable and kind, a horse will detect this as well, and return the loving affection. Through these small, yet powerful interactions, horses teach patients the value of non-verbal communication.

At Mending Fences, we’ve seen the work with equine therapy has transformed relationships. Horses allow room for patients to trust, even if they are larger and more powerful animals. Through this trust, they learn that healthy and mutually beneficial relationships are worth fighting for, working through, and repairing.

Working with animals also gives patients a sense of responsibility, belonging, and purpose. Drugs can take away a person’s ability to interact with society, limiting their jobs and schooling possibilities. However, when working with horses, patients are unconsciously rebuilding their social cues, social demeanor, and overall social appearance.

If you’ve been looking for drug treatment in Ocala, call Mending Fences. We offer residential programs, outpatient programs, mixed programs, dual diagnosis treatment, co-occurring disorder treatment, PTSD treatment, trauma survival treatment, veteran programs, and substance abuse programs. With so many options available, it’s easy to see why we’ve become a top choice for those looking for rehab in Florida. We don’t believe in healing just the addiction. We know healing starts from within and radiates outwards. Don’t continue on the path of defeat and unhappy endings. Choose today to make a change, and call Mending Fences to speak directly to an expert. Your life can change dramatically by calling (888) – 231- 3844. Do it today!


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