The Gift of Animals in Drug Rehab Centers in Ocala

The Gift of Animals in Drug Rehab Centers in Ocala

Animals are fantastic for more than just company, especially in drug rehab centers in Ocala. Their presence transforms patients, helping in the early day of recovery. Did you know that spending a half hour with a small puppy can instantly increase positive brain chemicals? This is only a tiny example of how working with animals in drug rehab can make a huge difference.

Benefits of Choosing Animal Assisted Therapy in Drug Rehab Centers in Ocala

Animal-assisted therapy, or AAT, entails spending time with animals. Sound exciting? It is, and for more reasons than their fluffy, kind-hearted energy. Dogs and horses are two of the most common animals used in therapy. Their mere presence creates an open and honest space. Animals aren’t capable of judging, instantly making patients feel safe and secure.

Equine therapy works similarly. Equine therapy focuses on teaching people how to interact with horses. Since horses are pack animals, they can sense and respond to other creatures’ feelings. While equine therapy is a relatively new method for treating psychological issues, studies find it can be very beneficial.

The effects of animals on the brain and emotions are evidence-based. In fact, research stems as far back as the 1800s when Florence Nightingale discovered that children have far less anxiety when in the company of pets. In more recent studies, neuroscientist Lori Marino found the out of 28 reports, 26 of them proved to be beneficial. More so, patients in those successful studies showed that they were happier in therapy.

Mending Fences is a provider of equine therapy or a facility that works with horses. The beautiful, spacious property houses these gentle giants, allowing patients to interact with and care for them. They mend fences and build lives, with the help of animals. If you’re looking through drug rehab centers in Ocala, try a different approach by contacting Mending Fences today. There are few things more rewarding than caring for an animal while rebuilding your life. Call 888-231-3844 today to see how Mending Fences can help you or a loved one.


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