How Holistic Therapy is a Valuable Part of Drug Treatment Programs in Ocala

How Holistic Therapy is a Valuable Part of Drug Treatment Programs in Ocala

Holistic therapies such as meditation and yoga have taken the world by storm, and not only for recovering addicts. The benefits of this type of treatment have proven to help millions of people, with many even incorporating the practices into their everyday routines. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, more than a third of adults in America use some holistic medicine. Holistic therapy works well in drug treatment programs in Ocala, as holistic practices revolve around uniting the mind, body, and soul.

Four Forms of Holistic Therapy Incorporated in Drug Treatment Programs in Ocala


Mediation works to silence the mind and calms the body. When thoughts race, human bodies tend to have irregular breathing, most times without noticing. However, the ancient art of meditation is a beautiful way to get in touch with the innermost core, observing breath, body, and soul all at once. Emotional imbalances and lack of spiritual grounding are both tied to addiction rates. Thankfully, meditation is a stabilizer.


Acupuncture is another ancient practice, tracing back to roots in China. Acupuncture focuses on points throughout the body that link to multiple other areas. Through the stimulation of these body points, aches heal, and energy restores.

Nutritional Therapy

Unhealthy eating habits are thought to result in neurochemical imbalances, which are frequently found in drug and alcohol addicts. Nutritional therapy can help balance hormones and brain chemicals, while simultaneously stimulating healthier mind and body functions.


Yoga is a common exercise that millions of Americans participate in daily. Many use yoga as their mediation, as well as their work out. The practice helps to stretch, strengthen, and calm. Additionally, yoga focuses heavily on breathing and is recommended for addiction patients as a way to unwind and get in touch.

While these are only a few holistic options, the variety is endless. Combined with traditional therapies and group counseling, patients often find that their moods and a sense of purpose improve. Mending Fences is a facility that focuses on healing the whole person. They are also aware that each of their patients is unique, which is why they offer a handful of treatment programs. From equine therapy and holistic care to adventure-based treatment, Mending Fences provides treatment that speaks to all walks of life. If you or someone you love is looking for alternative drug treatment programs in Ocala, call the treatment professionals today at 352-528 –1300.


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