Horses and Drug Treatment in Ocala Go Together

Horses and Drug Treatment in Ocala Go Together

Florida is home to thousands of treatment centers, each with their methods of substance abuse treatment. The beauty of these different types of centers is that many individuals can find a program that works best for them. One of those programs revolves around drug treatment in Ocala, but the therapy includes one substantial difference: interacting with horses. What makes these unique animals such valuable tools in drug treatment?

Equine Therapy: A Beneficial Drug Treatment in Ocala

First and foremost, it’s essential to get a good insight into what equine therapy is. Equine therapy is the therapeutic use of horses to stimulate emotional growth and human development throughout rehab. This type of treatment is used for more than just substance abuse issues and is often seen in assisting with children, mental disorders, and more.

Horses may seem like any other animal, but they have an aura around them that makes them perfect for soothing others. For many, traditional drug treatment programs don’t work, as they may not be connecting enough or hands-on enough. Horses, however, give an entirely different perspective, as patients have the opportunity to interact with these gentle giants on a weekly basis.

The idea is that patients bond with these animals, forming a relationship. Relationships are usually complicated for those with substance abuse in regards to maintaining and fostering. Horses become quite close to patients, as they have no judgment or concerns about their personal lives. They mirror the participant’s actions, teaching patients there deepest, subconscious behaviors and bringing them to light. This therapy then helps patients to interact with humans similarly, carefully observing their habits, moods, and tendencies.

Horses teach patients responsibility as well, with grooming, feeding, and exercising. Throughout these interactions, patients learn how to take care of something other than themselves, seeing how their actions can help add positive value to another living thing’s life.

If you or your loved ones need drug treatment in Ocala, equine therapy at Mending Fences may be the right choice. We know that not all patients are the same and with a mix of Extraordinary creatures and compassionate, intelligent staff, Mending Fences offers a unique blend suitable for many. Please call us today at (888) 231 – 3844 and see how we can restart your life today.


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