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Those struggling with addiction are not doing themselves any favors. Living a happy, healthy and productive life is impossible when you let drugs and alcohol dictate your behavior and decision making. There’s no reason why anyone should let substance abuse take control of their life when there are such wonderful recovery options at Mending Fences. One of the most popular addiction treatment options offered by the professionals at Mending Fences is IOP, or Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

How Does IOP Treat Addiction?

Intensive outpatient programs in Ocala are some of the most effective methods for combating substance abuse, yet many who struggle with addiction have never given it a shot. Finding success in an IOP starts with choosing the right recovery center to receive treatment. Mending Fences is a wonderful option for those who are truly ready to get started down the road to recovery.

IOP is aimed at helping someone continue the recovery process once they’ve made strides in other recovery programs like detox or inpatient treatment. IOP is not right for everyone, but in many cases, guests at Mending Fences find the added flexibility which accompanies IOP was helpful in the overall recovery process. A set number of weekly meetings and treatment sessions while allowing for someone to reside in their own home fosters independence and confidence in someone’s fight against a dangerous addiction problem. IOP is also a more affordable option for those who need treatment but see that other treatment options are not financially feasible.

The benefits of IOP are easy to see when you stop and check out what Mending Fences has to offer.  A team of highly skilled and professional substance abuse counselors are always on hand to assist anyone as they take steps to improve their life. There are so many reasons why finding an IOP programs will benefit you so take charge today and let’s get started on the road to a brighter future!

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