My Loved one Needs Addiction Treatment in Ocala 

My Loved one Needs Addiction Treatment in Ocala 

Many facilities offer addiction treatment in Ocala, but few are able to offer the personalized programs that we are able to offer at Mending Fences, LLC. With the help from our dedicated and caring staff, Mending Fences, LLC offers the addiction treatment you need to get sober. Your recovery is the most important thing to us, and we’re ready to help you overcome your addiction. Through our various addiction treatment programs you can get the help you truly need so you can live a happier, healthier, addiction free life.  

What addiction treatment programs are best for me?

Every addiction is different and that’s why there isn’t a single addiction treatment plan that will work for everyone. At Mending Fences, LLC we know that each addiction is different which is why we take a unique approach for each one of our patients. We offer many different programs to help those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Some of the addiction treatment programs we offer at Mending Fences, LLC include:  

  • Equine Therapy 
  • Group Counseling and Support Groups 
  • Individual Counseling and Treatment 
  • Family Counseling  
  • Relaxation Therapy 
  • Mental Health Treatment  

Equine therapy is one program we offer at Mending Fences, LLC. We believe that equine therapy is one program that is very beneficial for those who are struggling with addiction. It can help you recognize non-verbal cues, remove barriers, encourage responsibility and help you learn more about yourself. With equine therapy and the other programs we offer, you will not only be able to work on getting sober, but also bettering yourself throughout treatment.  

How can I get help from Mending Fences, LLC?

If you’re battling a drug or alcohol addiction know that help is available. Call Mending Fences, LLC to speak with one of our addiction specialists and see how we can provide you the addiction treatment you need to get sober. With the many programs we offer you can overcome your addiction in Ocala. Your journey starts when you call Mending Fences, LLC and make the decision to change and strive for sobriety.  


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