What Makes Mending Fences’ Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ocala Different?

What Makes Mending Fences’ Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ocala Different?

Florida is home to the largest number of drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country. With thousands of centers, it’s easy to see why so many individuals come to South Florida for the care and help they need. However, what makes Florida so unique and desirable is its wide variety of treatment programs and options. Mending Fences, a drug and alcohol rehab in Ocala, for example, offers equine therapy as part of treatment. Horses may seem like an unusual way to treat substance abuse issues, but their gentle nature and responsiveness proves to be an excellent tool for many.

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Horses in rehab therapy offer multiple unique benefits that regular and more traditional centers cannot. For example, horses are immediate feedback animals, meaning that they can sense feelings and respond accordingly. This type of response gives patients the inability to hide or shy away from their subconscious behaviors, as horses do not need verbal responses to sense different emotions.

Additionally, equine therapy teaches patients how to care for another living being. It also shows patients how to mend their relationships. Horses are bonding animals and quite friendly if treated with respect and peace. In turn, patients are then able to take what they’ve learned at our facility and practice those same interactions with those they love. Simultaneously, patients build trust, which can be difficult to do coming from a history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Studies have shown that equine therapy can give those involved a greater sense of purpose, self-love, self-identity, and problem-solving skills that all may have been lost during heavy usage of substances. Horses are also wonderful for those who suffer from depression, or other mental conditions. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people choose Mending Fences as their drug and alcohol rehab in Ocala. If you need a different type of treatment, call us today at (888) 231 – 3844.



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