How Mending Fences Can Help with My Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ocala

How Mending Fences Can Help with My Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Ocala

Drug and alcohol addiction is never easy, nor is choosing the appropriate rehab center. With thousands of options to choose from, many addiction victims are unsure of where to start, what they should be looking for, and what treatments they’ll engage with best. At Mending Fences, we understand that there are many available avenues for drug and alcohol rehab in Ocala, but allow us to tell you what makes Mending Fences a unique experience.

What Makes Mending Fences A Unique Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Ocala?



At Mending Fences, we offer a handful of treatment options that can fit most people’s preferences. With choices from equine therapy, to outpatient therapy, to residential therapy, to dealing with dual diagnosis, PTSD, and trauma, we can help heal many potentially fatal problems. Our staff is specially trained and certified to handle illnesses of all kinds. That’s why it’s important to choose a facility like Mending Fences. We have the knowledge, patience, and experience needed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

Equine Therapy

A program that makes us especially unique is our equine therapy program. Through working with horses, patients are given the space to learn about subconscious behaviors, hidden motives, and triggering patterns. Overall, the work with horses can help patients to interact more peacefully and consciously in their relationships, workplaces, and homes.


At Mending Fences, our team genuinely cares about the people who come through our doors. Many rehab centers only care about the money, but at Mending Fences, we’ve dedicated our lives to being a compassionate community, focused on intensive health, balance, and clarity.


As mention, Mending Fences is a community that encourages. Within our residential program, we offer two-person bedrooms with independent restrooms and temperature controls. Within this community are people are working with all they have to achieve a similar goal. Being surrounded by like-minded people can truly make a difference in the successfulness of treatment.


Because we offer a program dealing with horses, our scenery is breathtaking. With room to roam, our patients aren’t controlled to a single building or block. Instead, our patients are given the tranquil space to breathe, reflect, and unwind as they partake in this new life chapter.

At Mending Fences, we strive to be a rehab facility that offers options for all types. We know that it feels unfair to have become a victim of drugs, alcohol, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorders, and more. We believe in our programs, and the strength found in each one of our clients. A brighter future is possible, and it’s yours for the taking. If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab in Ocala, call (888) 231-3844 today!


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