Mending Fences Stands Alone among Drug Rehab Facilities in Ocala

Mending Fences Stands Alone among Drug Rehab Facilities in Ocala

Once a person acknowledges that they have an addiction problem, they find different approaches to substance abuse treatment. Starting and completing treatment is a herculean task. At Mending Fences, we offer a unique experience, unlike most others. We are one of the top drug rehab facilities in Ocala, with open, plentiful land for our patients to enjoy. The open space gives individuals the room to connect with the nature around them, giving the sense of peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation. At Mending Fences, our goal is to treat the entire body, not just the addiction. We use a multi-faceted treatment regimen that addresses both the addiction and its wider health-related impact.

Drug Rehab Facilities in Ocala with Equine Therapy

With a soft spot for horses and the proof that these animals can help heal in many ways, it was a no-brainer that there was a need to integrate. Working with horses also helps patients to learn how to be responsible. Through walking, cleanings, and more, patients have the opportunity to care for another living thing genuinely. This new relationship gives them a sense of purpose and rebuilds their self-confidence as they continue with treatment. Horses are completely unbiased and will return a patient’s affection and respect.

Not all of our programs revolve around equine therapy, the feedback in this area has been rewarding. Horses have a way of showing patients their subconscious thoughts and subtle behaviors. Sometimes, horses are a better option for those going through rehab, as they offer a non-judgmental communication. Patients are afraid of speaking every once in a while, due to the fear of being judged.
Why Is Mending Fences One Of The Best Drug Rehab Facilities In Ocala?

Though there are many facilities to choose from, what makes a difference is how positive, caring, and compassionate the team is. We want our residents to feel at home as they undergo this intense and emotional transformation. When the time comes for our alumni to head out into the world, we offer yearly phone calls to ensure that they are staying on the right path. If you or your loved one is in need of a drug rehab facilities in Ocala, please call 888-231-3844 today, and choose to take the first steps towards a new life.



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