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In the United States, we are experiencing one of the largest drug epidemics in recent times. Opiate are traditionally prescribed by a doctor for those needing to treat acute or chronic pain. However, while many start using this form of prescription drugs for its intended purpose, pain medication use can quickly become a full blown addiction that can lead to devastating consequent. Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, with opiate prescription overdoses accounting for more than 20,000 deaths in 2015. Now, more than ever, it is important to get those suffering from drug addiction the drug treatment they need. At Mending Fences, we offer the best drug treatment and rehab programs for people from Morriston, FL. Our personalized approach to drug addiction helps those struggling with substance abuse overcome their addiction on their own terms, and promotes long term recovery. One of the first steps to recovery is recognizing there is a problem; however, drug addiction such as opiate dependency may be difficult to identify. If you have a loved one that you suspect may be abusing their prescription medicine, keep a look out for these top signs of opiate abuse:

  1. Lack of Energy
    Opioids have a sedative like effect which can may individuals extremely drowsy. If you notice that your loved one is spending an abnormal amount of time sleeping or constantly lacks energy it could be a sign of addiction.
  2. Changes in Behavior
    Any type of drug or alcohol addiction can result in changes in social behavior that can often lead to cutting off once meaningful friendships. Inability to concentrate, constant drowsiness, and other effects of opioids can make it impossible to maintain relationships. People struggling with opiate addiction will also more likely tend to isolate themselves in order to continue drug use without raising suspicion.
  3. Unable to Concentrate
    Opioids can have harmful effects on both physical health, as well as mental health. Opiate use can impact motivation, concentration, and one’s ability to learn. Additionally, the effects of opioids can also impair thinking and judgement making activities like driving exceptionally dangerous.
  4. Physical Appearance
    While it can be difficult to tell whether someone is using opiates, one of the most common physical signs are pinpoint pupils. Other physical signs of opioid addiction also include the erratic itching of arms or legs, a flushed face, drooping eyes, and slurred speech.

What are Drug Addiction Treatment options for people from Morriston, FL?

At Mending Fences, we don’t believe one type of treatment program works for everyone, so we offer a variety of drug rehab programs that our clients can choose such as residential treatment, equine therapy, intensive outpatient treatment, and much more! If someone you love is suffering from drug addiction, don’t wait. Get the, the help they need and contact the best drug treatment center for people from Morriston, FL has to offer. Call us today to speak with one of our compassionate team members about the addiction program options available at (352) 528-1300. Call today or visit our physical location listed below.

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