Do I Need Alcohol Rehab in Ocala?

Do I Need Alcohol Rehab in Ocala?

Millions of Americans suffer from alcohol abuse. It’s plastered all across our country’s billboards, commercials, friend circles, and more. Alcohol always sounds like a good time, until you’ve become addicted to it. Then the reality of the world of alcohol changes and becomes a form of numbing emotions and depressions, as opposed to a great time out. If you’re wondering if you have an alcohol addiction problem, chances are you probably do. It usually starts with family members begging you to get help, or finding yourself at the local bar constantly. Once everyone begins to know your name, it may be time to look into alcohol rehab in Ocala. At Mending Fences, we offer a wide range of recovery and treatment options for alcohol abuse. Here are a few key factors in those who have unfortunately fallen victim to alcohol misuse.


When you find yourself at the local bar everyday, chances are this is the beginning of an addiction. Do you have a scheduled time where you start to feel that you need it? Do you turn to it as an answer to your pending daily stress? Do you heavily look forward to it? Do you feel like your day has been missing something if you don’t use it every day? Do you go to drink even if you’re drinking alone? These are general indications that perhaps it may be time to see a professional.


Sometimes those who suffer from alcohol abuse don’t have an amazing time unless they’re drinking. They might feel overloaded, heavy, or even depressed without alcohol in their daily routine. Those who suffer may also be agitated or “short” without having a drink. If you feel that your day isn’t enjoyable until after that first beverage, then this may be a sign to seek out alcohol rehab in your area.


Another indication of a possible alcohol addiction comes from knowing that you tend to get into trouble when you drink, out of control, or blacked out. If this happens often, then this is definitely a sign of alcohol abuse. Many individuals may experience this once or twice in life, but if this is a common occurrence, it could mean trouble for your life, and not just the night.

At Mending Fences, we know that facing the realities of alcohol abuse can be overwhelming. Nobody wants to face that they have an alcohol addiction problem, but understanding the signs and taking those first steps are important. We offer residential and outpatient therapy, as well as group, individual, and equine therapy. If Mending Fences sounds like the recovery location for you, please call us. Taking that initial step is the hardest, but knowing that you can have a compassionate support system afterwards can make the process a little bit easier.


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