Overcome Addiction at a Residential Treatment Facility in Ocala 

Overcome Addiction at a Residential Treatment Facility in Ocala 

Many people across the country struggle with addiction and substance abuse. If you’re struggling, know that help is available. To overcome addiction, one of the best options is to visit a residential treatment facility in Ocala. At Mending Fences, LLC we have a team of treatment center counselors who are here to provide you with quality care and treatment. Through our various programs, including residential treatment, you’ll be able to work on overcoming your addiction and getting sober.  

What programs are offered at a residential treatment facility in Ocala?

When you choose Mending Fences, LLC you will be getting top quality care in Ocala. Overcoming addiction is never easy, and without treatment it’s virtually impossible. Relapse is something that is very common for those who try to quit using drugs or alcohol on their own. With a good structure and the right care, sobriety is possible and our team at Mending Fences, LLC is ready to help you. We know that seeking help and treatment can be scary and overwhelming, but it is the best choice if you truly want to get sober. At Mending Fences, LLC we offer many different treatment programs to help our patients. Each addiction is unique and there is no one treatment option that will work for everyone. Some of the programs that could help you during your recovery include:  

  • Individual Therapy 
  • Group Counseling  
  • Family Counseling  
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment  
  • Equine Therapy 

At Mending Fences, LLC we offer equine therapy as one of our main treatment options. We believe that equine therapy is one of the best approaches to helping our patients overcome their addiction. Equine therapy helps in a variety of different ways, including providing responsibility, helping the individual learn more about themselves, help remove and break down barriers. Equine therapy can help in many different ways and we’re confident that our equine therapy and many other programs will help you to achieve sobriety.  

If you’re struggling with addiction visiting a residential treatment facility can help you. With the care from our team at Mending Fences, LLC we can help you get sober and maintain your sobriety. Our treatment center counselors know that addiction is a dark place, and we want to help you get healthy and sober for good. To speak with one of our counselors and to learn more about our residential treatment facility in Ocala call our recovery hotline today.   


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