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One of the most effective forms of drug and alcohol treatment is known as PHP, or a partial hospitalization program. While that may sound like an intense measure, it’s actually a flexible way to get someone’s life turned around without having to commit to a full-time rehabilitation program. Mending Fences is a leading provider of PHP in Ocala for those who are ready to turn their life around once and for all. Will you get help next?

How does PHP work?

At Mending Fences, our PHP program serves those in Ocala who need help with their substance abuse, but also have responsibilities at home that are impossible to set aside in order to attend treatment full-time. The flexibility to spend a few hours at rehab everyday with full access to all the great treatments and therapies while also spending evenings at home can help someone feel like they are in control of their own recovery.  Thanks to the incredible emotional connection humans can foster with horses, Mending Fences utilizes Equine Therapy in many PHP programs to great success.

People are hesitant to commit to a traditional form of inpatient drug and alcohol counseling because they often involve month-long stays at rehab facilities away from family and friends. The added flexibility offered by partial hospitalization programs is a positive for patients who are learning how to live life free from drugs and alcohol. It’s much easier to remain sober when you spend time at treatment every day, and each day you spend sober instills more confidence that you can remain sober in the future.

The goal for every guest at Mending Fences is to find happiness and fulfillment in life. We treat the whole person, not just the addiction and that creates a great environment for sobriety. The partial hospitalization program in Ocala is just one of the ways Mending Fences reaches our goals. For those who are ready to take a stand against addiction, Mending Fences is here to help. Call today and schedule a time to meet with our professional addiction treatment staff and we can provide you with a PHP which fits your needs.

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