What Can a Residential Treatment Facility in Ocala Do For Me?

What Can a Residential Treatment Facility in Ocala Do For Me?

Addiction is a disease that many people struggle with. When it comes to beating addiction visiting a residential treatment facility in Ocala can help. When you visit a treatment facility you’ll be able to step away from the bad influences in your life and really focus on getting sober. At Mending Fences we offer different programs to help those battling addiction. We take a personalized approach to help each of our patients. With a personalized treatment plan you’ll work with our counselors and professionals to finally achieve sobriety.  

What therapies can help me while at a residential treatment facility?

When you choose to visit a treatment facility you’re making the decision to overcome your addiction and better your life. At Mending Fences, our counselors are here to help you every step of the way. The programs we offer include:  

  • One-on-one therapy 
  • Group counseling 
  • Family counseling  
  • Mental health care 
  • Equine therapy 
  • Relaxation therapy 

These programs and therapies all offer something different to help you during your recovery. With these programs and the help and guidance from our counselors you can see positive changes in your life. Getting sober is a huge goal, and getting help with allow you to achieve this goal. Mending Fences wants to help you during your recovery, and we believe these programs will all help in different ways. Achieving sobriety and realizing how much better your life can be without addiction is something that we hope every patient achieves while in treatment.  

How can I get started? 

Are you ready to admit you have an addiction problem and seek help? Getting sober begins with a single phone call to our addiction helpline. Mending Fences is here to provide the residential treatment you need. Substance abuse and addiction is a big problem in our society, and we strive to end addiction each and every day. Don’t wait to get the care and treatment you need. Visit a residential treatment facility in Ocala to begin your journey towards sobriety.  


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