Are You Struggling with Opiate Addiction?

Are You Struggling with Opiate Addiction?

Opiate addiction is something people from all walks of life struggle with. Whether you’re trying to get over a surgery or a traumatic experience, pain medication can be a helpful way to feel more comfortable during recovery. However, people may find that they are dependent on these pills after a while, meaning that quitting is a distant goal. Getting help for an opiate addiction problem starts with asking for help. There’s plenty of excuses when it comes to entering a rehab facility and the more excuses someone makes, the less likely they are to get sober. A call to the team at Mending Fences is a great way to learn more about how opiate recovery is possible. The first thing you can expect when you come in is for one of our admission specialists to go through a simple process that will cover all your questions and the steps. After we explain the steps and explain our Mending Fences program you can expect a phone call from our medical team to ask you a few questions. These questions will allow our facility to make sure we’re ready for your arrival.

The longer someone abuses prescription drugs, the greater chance they have to develop significant health problems and the chance for an overdose is very prevalent. Mending Fences takes the struggle out of addiction so people can focus on the one thing which really matters; sobriety.

Who Can Help Me Stop Prescription Drug Abuse?

At Mending Fences, our mission is to help every one of our residents learn that there is more to life than prescription drug abuse. We help them fulfill a life free from their bonds of addiction and strive to make them strong enough to resist temptations. Through all sorts of therapies, we are able to understand them on a deeper level to help them develop a strong sense of self appreciation. Don’t let your addiction in Ocala continue to take control of your life when you can gain back that control! Come in today to start your path to a brighter future!  Call today for drug treatment in Ocala!


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