Where to Find the Best Drug Treatment Programs in Ocala

If you’ve been addicted to drugs, then you know how difficult the journey can be to a life of sobriety and true happiness. Unfortunately, the drug epidemic has conquered many individuals, leaving them feeling hopeless, lost, and empty. At Mending Fences, located in Ocala, we’ve dedicated our lives to restoring faith in our patients. We’ve created a community for those who have been victims, ensuring that they are safe, respected, and well taken care of. If you or your loved one is in need of drug treatment programs in Ocala, we think we could be the perfect fit.

Can a Drug Treatment Program Help Me?

There are many different ways one may become addicted to harmful substances. Whether it’s a bad relationship, unhealthy friends, or even a prescription addiction, the professionals at Mending Fences are here to help. We know that every person’s story is different, and that’s why we treat all of our patients like the individuals they are. Not everyone responds the same, which is why we offer many treatment options such as:

-Residential Treatment
-Equine Therapy
-Dual Diagnosis Therapy
-Group Therapy
-Individual Therapy
-Specialty Training
-Skills Training
-Job Placement
-PTSD Treatment
-& More

Our skilled and compassionate team is here to ensure that you find the best path available. With many different treatment options, it’s easy to see why we’re a wonderful fit for most drug and alcohol addition patients. One of the hallmarks of Mending Fences is our equine therapy program. Many people wonder what the benefits are of working with horses. With years of experience, we can confidently say that we’ve watched as horses transform the life of addiction patients. Horses communicate with nonverbal cues, giving patients a better understanding of their own. Working with these large and gentle animals also gives patients a sense of responsibility and purpose. By working side by side with experienced medical professionals and horses, we’re able to develop a trusting, open, and successful relationship.

If you or your loved is searching for drug treatment programs in Ocala, Mending Fences is the treatment facility to help. There are very few uphill battles more complicated than drug recovery, but with a trustworthy team and an understanding community, Mending Fences’ recoveries have the key ingredients. Please call us, and see how we can help you restart your life.


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