Have You Tried Drug and Alcohol Treatment at a Residential Facility?

What’s the biggest problem facing our society today? Many in the community would say drug and alcohol abuse as the rates of those struggling with addiction has skyrocketed. Finding exceptional addiction treatment in Ocala starts with one call to the team at Mending Fences. Drug and alcohol recovery is a process led by our team of experienced and professional addiction recovery counselors who understand how best to approach substance abuse treatment. One of the unique addiction treatment options we offer is equine therapy. Our residents work with and care for horses as a way to improve mental health and wellness. Building on valuable skills like responsibility, communication and more can help someone shed their old life of addiction and abuse in favor of one that’s a whole lot better!

Is Addiction Treatment Right for Me?

Anyone can benefit from addiction treatment in Ocala. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, there is a treatment method which can help you overcome your struggles with addiction and abuse. Instead of ruining your life one day at a time, get the help you need from the team at Mending Fences. It starts with just a phone call where you can speak with a friendly and knowledgeable counselor today. There’s no reason to wait and let your abuse problems continue to cause issues. Call the team at Mending Fences today and we can get you started down the path to a better life.

A few of our safe and effective treatments include:

  • Residential Treatment
  • Intensive Equine Therapies
  • Skills Training
  • 24/7 RNs Availability
  • Medical Management
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Job Placement after treatment
  • Family and Group Therapies
  • And More!

Have you thought about getting help for a serious addiction problem? Then call on our team at Mending Fences today and let’s get back on the right track with a program designed for your needs.


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